You matter. And so does your story.

YOUR STORY MATTERSWe all have stories, but how many of us spend the majority of our lives downplaying the power of those stories?

I love this blog – it’s my little space on the internet to share glimpses of what I’m learning and who I’m becoming as God shapes me. It’s a place to exercise my gifts of writing and creativity, to connect with others in my city and beyond who can relate to things I’m learning, and to document for my own benefit the work God has done and is doing in my life.

But I spend a lot of time doubting. I tell myself I have nothing worthy of sharing, nothing worthy of others reading… and that’s simply not true. Friend, your story matters. And you’re the only one who can tell it.

When you hear the whisper that you aren’t good enough, that what you have isn’t sufficient enough, or you aren’t skilled enough… don’t let that lie paralyze you from sharing anyway. You are the only one who can share your story, and you’re the only one who can hone your gifts… so use them. Use your gifts, no matter how developed they are, to write, to speak, to create, to photograph, to design – whatever it is that small piece of you buried deep down longs to do. Don’t let lack of development hold you back – it’s doing that will further your development. And God will use your development and your bravery to share along the way to empower others to do the same.

So whatever your story – share it. Don’t hold back. Show up anyway when that voice tells you that you aren’t enough and prove it wrong. You matter. And so does your story.


  • Bailey

    I love this post! Sometimes I feel like my story doesn’t matter, but then I think about how even the birds matter to the Lord so I definitely matter as well.

    • Thanks, bailey!! I’m glad it was encouraging to you. You are totally right!

  • This happens to me all the time. Like why would anybody want to read what I write about?

    • I feel you girl!! But I’m glad you keep writing 🙂 Because I love hearing your stories!!!!

  • Love this…such a great reminder for all of us. I think we often doubt how others can relate to us and how when we share things we open ourselves up to genuine connections.

  • I love this! I feel like this sometimes, and it’s nice for someone to tell me that I matter 🙂 Thank you!

  • Thanks for this! I once had a person say to me, “Why would anyone want to read what you write.” I am not a “creative” particularly, but the Encore Voyage initially scared the hell out of me, and I knew that surely others must feel the same. Thanks again for the encouragement!

    • Ouch! I can’t imagine how that must have felt!!! It’s one thing when we say that to OURSELVES, but it’s another level when you hear those words out loud from someone else. I’m glad you didn’t let that hold you back!

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  • I love this! I really struggle to believe this – please keep up – your story is such a blessing and I am so encouraged by it!