I hope she gets these parts of him.

Pumpkins Pregnancy Announcement

As we get closer and closer to meeting our little girl, I get so excited to see her face. I can feel her moving all the time now – I feel very connected to her in that way – but I long to touch her face and little fingers and kiss her little cheeks!

Thinking about actually getting to seeΒ her soon makes me think about all the traits she will get from us. Of course, I would love for her to have her dad’s beautiful, flawless skin and white shiny teeth, but there are other traits of Jacob’s I really hope she takes after.

I hope she is patient like him. I am sometimes too fast-paced of a person that I can’t bear to let others even finish their sentences (ugh, I know, right?! I’m one of those people). But Jacob is quick to listen and slow to speak – the very things that enable him to love others so well, and the things I lack that often get me in trouble!

I hope she is servant-hearted like him. He’s never one to hope for recognition, but he is almost always the first to lend a hand. Whether it’s helping people move or giving someone a ride, anything to meet a need, he is there and does so gladly. I’m so grateful for those parts of him and challenged by his actions to grow in this area myself!

I hope she works hard like he does. If there’s one thing I’ve never doubted about Jacob, it’s his worth ethic and dedication. I’ve never worried he wouldn’t be able to provide for us because he’s shown me again and again that he will do whatever it takes, even if he doesn’t like it. When he isn’t appreciated, he still works hard. When he doesn’t like his job, he still works hard. When he’s growing through a season of hurt, he still works hard and gives all of himself to what he believes in. While I am quick to complain, he is quick to press on. I hope she is strong like he is.

I hope she loves like he does. Pregnancy has rocked my world a bit – I’ve become uncomfortable, out of sorts with my emotions and quick-tempered. Jacob has remained steady and loved me through my tossing and turning night sleeps, grumpy morning numb hands, sciatic nerve pain that keeps me glued to the bed or couch, and ever-expanding belly that threatens my self esteem. He has continued patiently loving me and supporting me, even when I haven’t been the quickest to love and support him. I hope she sees Christ’s love reflected through the ways he loves me and the ways he will love her.

I can’t wait to watch him love her.

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Photos by Kaitlin Bagby.