36 Week Pregnancy Update

All the things they say about The Last Month of Pregnancy are true. For some reason, there was definitely a part of me that thought those things won’t happen to me…

But I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Let’s start with the cankles. WHAT IS HAPPENING. It’s like one day I looked down and realized I have balloons for feet. I honestly have no idea when this happened, but it’s awful. I had to go out and buy some new shoes last week just so I’d have something to wear! I long for the days postpartum when I can look down and appreciate the ankles God has given me again.

Then there’s the swelling in my hands. That wouldn’t bother me as much if it didn’t bring numbness with it and aches that extend into my forearms. There are legitimate times throughout the day that my arms ache so badly I just cry in frustration. I JUST WANT TO WASH THE DISHES IN PEACE. Never thought I’d say that.

Speaking of washing the dishes, that’s becoming quite the task on its own due to my ever expanding belly. I noticed my back starts hurting after a couple minutes  because I’m leaning at a weird angle in order to reach over my belly. Ha!!! The little things, y’all.

But on a much more serious note, is pre-partum depression a thing? (Update: apparently the correct term is antepartum, thank you My emotions have been all over the place this past week. I’m weepy thinking of meeting our daughter, but I’m also weepy thinking about the life change that’s ahead of us. I get mad at Jacob for not washing the dishes (that I never asked him to wash) or  feel overwhelmed thinking about not having control over my own life soon. I’m tired and frustrated that I can’t sleep well, so I’m emotional about that. I hate my swollen ankles, puffy face and huge belly and feel extremely unattractive and that’s having an embarrassingly profound impact on how I view myself these days. Then I worry Jacob and I aren’t on the same page emotionally about having a child and therefore create fake scenarios in my head that then make me cry. Again, WHAT IS HAPPENING. I feel so out of sorts with myself.

All that to say, the Last Month of Pregnancy is no joke. Believe what they say, my friends. Believe it.

  • Oh momma, I feel ya. The last month of pregnancy is really like 10 months. So excited for you, though!

  • Hahaha oh no! I’m not laughing at your pain, I’m laughing because you display it so humorously. Go get a pedicure. And wear peasant skirts and big t-shirts. And ask Jacob to do the dishes for the next 2 months.

  • The emotions are no joke, but I promise you will feel so relieved once that baby is out! Sure, you’ll be sleep-deprived and covered in spit up, but it will feel so good to have your body back again, trust me 🙂

  • Oh girl. I was right there with you on the emotions. I would SOB and cry daily over the anxiety of having a baby and the life change. It was ridiculous. I listened to hymns nonstop the last couple weeks, and they were such a soothing balm. I still remember lying on the couch a few days after birth and realizing my ankles were normal again. I couldn’t stop staring at them for weeks! I thought I would never be able to wear normal shoes again.

    • Haha!!! I can totally see myself doing that, too. I will ridiculously celebrate when my ankles are normal again!;)

      And I’m definitely nearing the I-need-scripture-reminders-constantly for my sanity phase, so listening to hymns sounds like a great idea!

  • Just last week (21 weeks) I noticed cankles forming at the end my work day. Every week brings something new! I suppose it’s intentional that the last month is so rough — it makes us even more ready for labor! 😉

    • So true!!! I feel prepared in the sleep department – I haven’t been getting much, but I’ve become used to it! So I’m sure that will be useful here soon 🙂

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Sorry you’re not feeling the best! Hopefully you’ll feel better soon <3

    Edye //

  • It’s all so normal to feel like that!! Man do the hormones take a sledgehammer to our sense of sanity…I give major props to the men who handle it brilliantly and act as if nothing has changed, just keep taking care of us sweetly and doting. 🙂 The hard news to hear…the first 6 weeks postpartum those hormones will wreak some more havoc, as they flood your system and begin their exit. (Well, that and the interrupted sleep, I’m not sure what impacts the moods more.) BUT. Once you’re through the worst of it, you will be completely back to YOU and even more importantly, you won’t care about any of this after the fact because your little one will be here, in your arms, and you’ll be so in love that the cankles and the emotional outbursts and the weight gain (and yes even the labor) will be but a teeny tiny distant memory!! (Pretty much the only reason that people ever have more than one child, lol) =) She’ll be here so soon!!

    • Aww THANK YOU!!! I’m trying to mentally prepare (as much as you can LOL!) to be an emotional disaster after she’s born… but I wasn’t expecting 6 weeks of it, so that’s helpful!! I figure I’m just going to be all out of sorts between the hormone changes, not sleeping, trying to breastfeeding, generally having no clue what I’m doing, etc. HA! Thanks for your sweet encouragement! I can’t wait to see her and laugh at all of this later!!

  • A few ladies I work also had to buy new shoes the last few weeks. And you look great!

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