what I hope I never forget (thoughts on motherhood)

What I hope I never forget (thoughts on Motherhood)

The way you look up at me while nursing and your fingers curl around mine

How excitedly you kick your legs and flail your arms when you lie on your back

Your soft baby hair

The way you excitedly breathe in and out as quickly as possible, wide eyed, and fling your head forward when you’re excited to eat

Your tiny body curled up against my chest while you nap: arms limp, mouth open and breathing heavily

The way you coo, sneeze and hiccup

Your baby snores

The first time you cried actual tears… It about broke our hearts!

Your cry/snort when you’re really upset

The way you curl your tiny lips into a little “o” and look at us, like you’re surprised or curious about what’s happening

The way you smile in your sleep.. well, all your expressions while you sleep

How much you love stretching yourself out as big as possible

The way you look like you’re contemplating the world in your car seat

Your smiles and coos when we talk to you

The fact you are the sweetest, most precious and easy-going baby who we are delighted to love. You are so special to us, baby girl, and I love every minute of being your mom. I can’t wait to see who you become, but I’m loving all the little moments we have with you right now.

See more pictures of the nursery here. Sign from SugarKoatedSigns.