Let’s Chat: May Edition

Reading Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan and Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life by Ruth Soukup.

Hoping to establish some sort of basic eating and sleeping schedule with Adeline before I return to work… I think we are making some progress here!! So far I’m seeing she likes to sleep until 9-10ish, stay awake for a while, snooze sometime around 11-1, snooze again sometime in the afternoon, and is awake again sometime around 4-6. We’ve been starting the “bedtime routine” somewhere in the 8pm hour each night.  We will see how much this holds up! 

Watching “Friends” and “Last Man Standing” with Jacob on Netflix.

Listening to Adeline’s grunty sleepy noises. All the heart eyes here. 

Clicking all over Google for every baby question you can imagine.

Wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans, lots of loose-fitting tops for easy breastfeeding, and my Happy Wrap!

Craving homemade chocolate chip cookies and tons of Dunkin’s cookie dough iced coffee. But really just coffee in general. I think I’m making up for my aversion to it in my first trimester. 

Writing in Adeline’s baby book!! It’s so fun to record all the “firsts” and summarize each month so far. I love the style of the calendar baby books and I’ve been using some of my Messy Box supplies to dress it up a bit! (See photo above)

Feeling so grateful to be Adeline’s mom. And extremely grateful for God’s unimaginable provision throughout her story so far. And on a less weighty note, feeling so good to have my body back! It feels great to be the sole occupant these days :). 

alllll the fruit and anything else I can eat with one hand. 

Praying for a smooth transition back to work in a couple weeks AND for a good “first flight” experience with Adeline later this month!! I’m also praying for the discipline to develop a new morning devotion routine. I had been doing so well getting into the Word this year, but having a baby really threw me for a loop!! I got up during Adeline’s last sleep interval yesterday morning to read and get some things done and that worked really well!! I’d love to try to make that a habit as much as I can! 

  • Sounds like everything is going fairly well so far! Hoping that continues for you guys. Also… YEAH PRE-PREGNANCY JEANS.

  • I love your daughter’s name. Good luck on your transition back into working full time in a couple of weeks! Are you still able to work from home, though?

    • Thanks, Nina! I love it, too ;). I do get to work from home some! The great thing about my job is that I’m only working 28 hours a week.. 6 of that is on Sunday morning, 3 at practice on Thursday nights and 8-9 of that is in the office during the week, so the last 10 or so I work from home!! We are definitely SUPER blessed to both have flexible jobs AND that mine is so much from home already!! We will really only have 4 hours a week that we need to find childcare outside of me or Jacob!! So that definitely makes returning to work A LOT easier!!!!