Out of Whack (prioritizing struggles for this new mom)

Reprioritizing as a new mom

I do this annoying thing all the time where I get all high and mighty because I think I’ve got this motherhood thing down. I did it during pregnancy, too… for example, I thought I must just be an amazing pregnant lady because I wasn’t getting all swollen and huge… until I did.

You’d think I’d learn my lesson, but those thoughts have continued right on into motherhood. I think, I’ve really got this bedtime thing down and then this happens. Or I think my daughter must be the best baby ever because she’s never fussy and I can take her anywhere… and then she cries through an entire meal at a restaurant, or while I was frantically checking out at Target, or she suddenly decides she hates the car and screams during every single car ride.

So, of course, I felt like I had this motherhood gig down until I started work again. That little piece of humble pie I’ve been served has certainly done the trick! I am a hot mess. My first week back to work I ended up canceling all of the friend hangouts I had scheduled on my days off because my days off aren’t really days off anymore. Since motherhood happens all day every day, my work from home hours are no longer so scheduled or limited to certain days of the week.

I am incredibly grateful to have a job that I love with flexible hours and that allows me to work about a third of those hours from home. The problem, though, is working from home. It takes on a whole new meaning with a baby who has a lot of needs (AKA food, help falling asleep, diaper changes, someone to play with her and oh yes, general care). My hours worked from home that were once “only on Thursdays” are now split up into 15-60 minute chunks all day every day in the form of sending emails while nursing and scheduling, planning, and practicing during naps, etc.

With all of these changes, I sat in bed the other night and realized I needed to press the reset button on my priorities for this season. My Scripture reading has been spotty at best, I sometimes forget to kiss my husband goodbye when I head into the office (but never Adeline, of course!), and I can no longer schedule multiple friend hangouts on “days off.”

But instead of measuring a day’s success based on the status of dirty dishes and household clutter, I need to turn the pyramid upside down and rethink those measurements.

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My New Daily Priority Pyramid:

  1. God – Have I spent time in the Word today? What are three things I can thank Him for today?
  2. Jacob – What is one small way I can serve him today?
  3. Adeline – Have I talked to her, played with her and enjoyed her without my phone nearby today?
  4. Work – Did I accomplish the “must have’s” today? Am I on track to reach my hours this week? Is the house at least in a livable condition (are there clean dishes and clean clothes)?
  5. Friends – If I can’t connect with a friend in person this week, how can I make a point to serve her? At least send a quick text to let her know I love her and ask how I can pray for her, write a quick card, etc.

After typing those out they seem ridiculously simple, but in the minute to minute of my day it is so easy to let them slide through my fingertips! Would you say a quick prayer for me today that God grows me in discipline in this season and I make this pyramid flip a priority?

How can I be praying for you? Are there priorities in your life that are out of whack? I encourage you to take a minute to consider what is most important to you and ask yourself if that is actually lived out in the reality of your day to day life.

  • Lauren Tomlinson

    This is something I seriously struggle with. I let my to do list overwhelm me and become the number one priority. Thanks for the great reminder 🙂

    • It’s such the struggle!!! I am a slave to my to-do list all too often. And it usually just makes me incredibly unhappy AND incredibly not fun to be around LOL. It’s a process for sure.

  • Working from home with a baby is such a blessing, but it’s also so hard! Good for you for keeping your priorities in check!

    • Thanks, Chelsea!! It’s DEFINITELY a work in progress… And most days I still don’t get it right! But here’s to trying and letting each day be a new one.

  • While I am nowhere close to having a baby, I really struggle with prioritizing my life. God is definitely pushed to the backburner while I’m struggle to juggle work, wedding planning, friendship time, intentional time with Pai. I’ve been feeling so convicted about it lately! Thank you so much for your honesty and vulnerability. Coming to your blog is always like a breath of fresh air. 🙂

    • My goodness girl, you are in a challenging season, too, with so much to juggle! Wedding planning is crazy and unfortunately it’s SO easy to make God our last priority when we feel pulled a million directions.

      Saying a prayer for you now that God grows you in discipline in this season, to remember and turn to him first before all and anyone else! (Maybe praying the same thing for myself, too ;))

      Thanks for your encouragement! I can’t believe it’s been a month since I blogged AGAIN. I think about blogging almost every day, but I haven’t made it a priority… Lol!