thoughts on the parting sea

walking through the valley

When you’re in the valley, it feels deep and dark and empty and lonely. But I know I’m not the only person to experience hardship. Really, I’m far from it. But in the darkness, it’s easy to believe those lies.

A dear friend reminded me the other day that the Israelites didn’t know God was going to part the Red Sea. Surely they thought they were marching to their suicide… but he did the unthinkable. They followed Moses, despite what they thought blocked their path. They pressed on and God’s plan was truly beyond anything man could imagine.

Adeline used to absolutely hate being in the car. Shortly after we’d start driving, the crying would start and she did not sleep. The crying would just go on and on. Desperate one day, I sang to her and she not only calmed down but fell asleep. You can bet that song became her new lullaby.

So now, multiple times a day and every night, I sing it to her.

Grander earth has quaked before, moved by the sound of his voice. Seas that are shaken and stirred can be calmed and broken for my regard.

Through it all, through it all, my eyes are on you. Through it all, through it all, it is well. Through it all, Through it all, my eyes are on you. And it is well with me.

Far be it from me to not believe, even when my eyes can’t see. And this mountain that’s in front of me will be thrown into the midst of the sea.

So let go, my soul, and trust in him. The waves and wind still know his name.

It is well with my soul. It is well with my soul. It is well with my soul. It is well, it is well with my soul.

God uses this song multiple times a day to remind me he is with me. This mountain that’s in front of me? It will be thrown into the midst of the sea. This valley that I’m walking through? Well, grander earth has quaked before, moved just by the sound of his voice. This valley doesn’t stand a chance of separating me from God. Even in my darkest days, even in the hardest moments, he is with me. And he’s telling me to keep my eyes on him. Trust in him. And it truly is well with my soul.

I’m grateful that on that day in the car when I thought I couldn’t handle more crying, God gave me the gift of remembering this song… this song that would become my anthem in this season. He knew what I would need long before I did.

  • Veronica

    Thank you, Lauren. These words mean so, so much tonight. These past few years have been a dark, lonely valley, but Jesus is just as real + faithful in these times. So grateful that it is well with my soul, no matter how hard + dark the days are.

    • Oh, my heart aches for you, Veronica! He is so real and present with you. Praying for you as I get ready this morning that he makes his presence with you known and felt and that you have the courage to remember he is with you still, in your darkest moments.

  • I’ve been hearing a lot of ‘no’s lately and it’s hard to stay hopeful and not to get discouraged. I can’t see what’s up ahead but I know that I need to stay the course and follow the path God has set out for me. Thanks for the reminder today.

    • Amen sweet sister. So glad this encouraged you! Grateful for THIS encouragement I’m JUST NOW seeing. Thank you!!

  • As someone in the thick of a dark valley, this just brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

    • Michelle!!! I’m glad this encouraged you. Thanks for this note.. sorry I’m 3 months late in replying!