Getting started on my Messy Box

Messy Box Review

Have you ever had a grand idea – something that seemed so great at the time, but quickly became overwhelming later when you tried to bring it to fruition? That’s how I feel about scrapbooking. I love the idea of having all of our memories in this adorable book filled with stamps, stickers, pretty paper and photos… but I have so many questions. Where do I start? How do I start? How much stuff do I need? Where do I keep all the stuff when I’m not using it? How much will this cost? ETC. Anyone else??

At the same time, though, I love the thought of doing something with my hands and having a tangible project at the end of the day. This blog is in a way its own scrapbook – it documents so much of the seasons of my life (and my family’s) and I’m so grateful for that! But again, I’m looking for something tangible.

Then I stumbled across A Beautiful Mess’ Messy Box subscription… and I was intrigued. They send you a monthly box with a few scrapbook papers, lots of stickers and paper cut outs and basically a beginning and end for your project. I asked for a subscription for my birthday this year and last week I got started with my first box! Everything they sent was soooo cute, and having only so many supplies helped me scale down the overwhelming idea of “scrapbooking.”

Messy Box Subscription

My plan with the Messy Box is to highlight just a few things from each month – whether one big thing happens (like my baby shower in January) or several small things happen (date nights, having friends over, a day trip somewhere, etc.). I’m so excited to use my hands to feel creative and document our lives in a fun, small way that we can look back on. This will also be a great way to document #albrechtlittle’s life in small increments, as we don’t plan on sharing much of it via the internet (sorry guys – more on that another time).

Messy Box Subscription

Messy Box Subscription

The Messy Box works like this: subscribe for $19.99-$24.99/mo (depending on the duration you sign up for in the beginning) and get scrapbook goodies sent to your door each month! So far, this has made me actually print photos – something I never do thanks to my iPhone – and create a couple pages highlighting my shower! Everything in the photos above was from the January box.. so I need to get to work on my February and March memories!

Are you into scrapbooking? How have you made it a more manageable task? I’m looking forward to my six month subscription to see if it helps me make something huge a little smaller and more doable for me. 🙂

PS – A Beautiful Mess has no idea who I am and did not sponsor this post. I just wanted to share this with you and show you how I’m getting creative with my memories outside of the internet! Let me know what you think!!

DIY Natural Lace & Berry Wreath

I have a really fun collab for you today. Madison from The Wetherills Say I Do Blog and I decided we needed to do some serious Christmas crafting this year. So we put our heads together, sort of, and challenged each other to make some Christmas decor with lace!

Madison got all crafty and made these gorgeous ornaments from the lace on her wedding dress! What a keepsake, right?! I went down my normal route and realized I didn’t have an outdoor Christmas wreath to hang! Seeing as it’s already December 11th, it’s time to get some outdoor decor happening over here!

My wreath is super simple, which is my favorite kind. Here’s all you need:

+ Evergreen wreath
+ Fake berries
+ Extra Lace

Unwrap the berries (if yours come in packaging like mine do!) and string around the wreath. If your berries come in more stick-like form, try twisting them around, or grouping them in bunches (like THIS wreath!).

Once you secure the berries around the wreath, you can start playing with the lace! I did not glue the berries to the wreath, but depending on how you bought them, it might be helpful to use some hot glue to secure them.

I have a weird thing for simple, mostly natural-looking wreaths, so I’m kind of an easy wreath craft gal. And that means we are almost done, y’all. The final piece is tying the lace onto the top. I unrolled the entire roll of lace, then doubled it over so it was folded evenly in half.

So the loop is at the top, I pulled the lace through the middle of the wreath, behind the top and around the front. Then I slipped the ends through the loop to pull it all the way through. It’s hard to both explain and take pictures of this part, so just bear with me.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Madison’s post on her DIY Wedding Dress Lace Ornament.

Other wreath tutorials you may enjoy:
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+ The Easiest DIY You’ve Ever Seen (Now challenged by this one I’d say…)
+ Christmas Ornament Wreath

Happy crafting!

DIY Fall Fabric Flower Wreath

Well, if a new wreath doesn’t say, “It’s fall,” I don’t know what will! One of my favorite easy crafts to do is a quick wreath for our doors. I think a wreath goes a long way to make the home a happy place, and it’s just so darn easy! For you crafty girls, it’s a fun way to relax. And for you non-crafty girls, it’s an easy project to make you look craftier than you are 😉

All you need:

– Grapevine wreath
– hot glue gun & glue sticks 
– fabric scissors
– felt (scraps would work here)
– fabric swatches – at least 8 inches wide and 21 inches long
Oh, and a nice treat makes it pretty fun, too ;).
Lay out your fabric and decide how you’d like to start making your flowers. Unfold the fabric, cut a small slit about 2-3″ from the edge, and rip fabric to the end. You want your fabric to be long, so cut along the short edge and rip length-wise. You will do this for each flower.

Tie a knot at the end of the fabric, then begin twisting and rolling the fabric around the knot to form the fabric flower.

This is where the felt comes in. Cut small circles out of the felt, to serve as backing for your flower. The felt circles will help your flower hold its shape, as well as attach to the wreath easier.

After rolling your flower, use the hot-glue gun to attach a felt circle to the backside of the flower. Then get to work! I got into a nice rhythm of cutting circles, rolling a flower, gluing it to a circle, and repeating. Continue until you’ve made all the flowers you desire! I did four of each color.

Arrange your fabric flowers as you see fit onto your wreath, then glue, hang, and enjoy!

Have any questions? Leave a comment and I’ll help you out!


To everyone who has ever called himself a writer,

Thanks for doing what you do. The other day as I scrolled through blogs and other various articles shared on the internet, I was just overwhelmed by the freedom to share what we think.

I appreciate that freedom so much, but what I appreciate more is that people actually exercise it. It’s not easy to express your thoughts on controversial topics, to share your story of disappointment or loss, or to be vulnerable for the sake of sharing wisdom with others.

Writing has become very much a therapy for me – an avenue to process so much of what I take in around me. It balances my need to create when most of my 8-5 day is very not creative. It balances my need to speak when my introverted husband needs some quiet ;), and it balance my insecurities when I feel stagnant and need reminders of true growth.

This is my moment to just say thanks. Because as much as I love writing about what I think, what I feel and what I see in the world around me…. what I love even more is reading about what you do.

So thanks for being vulnerable, for writing when you don’t feel like it and for not letting your passions go unrecognized. This world is fleeting, so why should we spend a day, a moment, or even a second wasted by allowing the current to push and pull us along its flow? Thanks for contributing to the world in ways that prevent us from remaining closed-minded.

Happy writing,


The Easiest DIY You’ve Ever Seen

You guys, I’m a big fan of DIY…. but I’m an especially big fan when it’s the easiest DIY imaginable. That’s what I’m talking about.

Here’s the number one reason it’s the easiest DIY you’ll ever find: the only skill requirement is the knowledge of how to use a hot glue gun. I can see you smiling, so keep reading.

– Wreath
– Flowers of choice
– Hot glue gun
– Scissors

I tend to swing toward simple decor, so I love the look of whimsical, homey wreaths. I love this wooded look with the flowers dispersed throughout. PLUS, simple usually means EASY when it comes to DIY – added bonus!

Whenever I’m ready to make a new wreath, I always check the sale aisles at Michael’s. These suckers were 40% off and I only used two bundles. This wreath cost less than $12.

Step 1: Cut all branches off of the original long stems. 

Step 2: Lay out the branches on the wreath – place as you see fit.

Step 3: Get to gluing!

Step 4: Hang and enjoy!

Looking or more wreath tutorials? Check out my DIY spring wreath.

Happy crafting!


when your creative well has run dry.

Creativity fuels me. That’s something I have slowly learned about myself over the past five years. I used to be afraid of creativity because I was worried I wouldn’t be good enough. But once I started dabbling and allowed myself to step out on a limb or two, I realized I loved it. And it brings life to my dry soul.

I think creativity also fuels me because I admire beauty in everything – people, places, home decor, color combinations, dainty plates, paper goods, fabric, scenery, etc. I’m drawn to it! God teaches me so much through his creation. I love it.

But my creative well of ideas isn’t unlimited. And lately, it’s been very dry. I think it’s a combination of exhaustion and too little free time to do what’s listed below. In this season my creative juices have been tested and tried, so I’ve discovered a few strategies to replenish creativity that work well for me.

1. Do something you love that you never make time to do. For me, that’s reading a book for fun or playing guitar.

2. Spend some time with the Lord. Most often, slowing down and meeting with the Lord opens my eyes that busyness so often narrows. Meeting with him reminds me the world is so much larger than what’s going on in my life. It turns my gaze heavenward instead of inward. Looking for inspiration so inwardly is what cripples my creativity the most.

3. Do nothing. Sit outside on the porch if it’s warm enough and leave your phone inside. Or lie on the floor of your living room and take a few deep breaths if you live in New England like I do. But don’t watch TV and don’t let your mind focus on your to-do list. Just breathe and let your mind wander.

What do you do to restore your creative juices?