5 Steps to a gorgeous fall centerpiece

If I’m really honest, the only time I’m typically a seasonal decorator is for Christmas. At this point in my life, that’s mostly because I just don’t have the storage space for all of those off-season decorations!

But this year, I’ve caught the bug. The fall decor bug. And I just can’t get enough of it. This weekend I revamped my kitchen table centerpiece to bring some of those gorgeous fall colors inside, and I’m sharing 5 steps to a perfect fall centerpiece.

1. Deep colors. There’s nothing that says “fall” more than deep reds, oranges, browns and yellows. I love the explosion of colors that come with fall – bring that inside!

2. Candles. Fall brings cool nights and the darkness comes earlier. Since we can’t have a fireplace inside, the next best thing for me is cozying up in a blanket with the heat on, sweats, and some pretty candles.

3. Budding sprigs or flowers that bloom in the fall. I really wanted a spriggy, twig look for my centerpiece, but I couldn’t find exactly what I had pictured in the store. The buddy twigs pictured above are the closest I could find, but I think it really works. The last thing you want in your fall centerpiece is a very summery looking flower.

4. Pumpkins! I really want to get some small pumpkins to put inside (probably fake), and maybe even paint them. I’ve seen a lot of cute white pumpkins that have awesome designs painted on them – a cluster of those would make a great centerpiece.

5. Something that can be redecorated for the next season. The box in the pictures above usually looks like this. It’s nice to have a “standard” that I can change up slightly each season, because it keeps me from storing gobs of decor all year long!

What would you add to the list? Have you done any fall decorating?

DIY Fall Fabric Flower Wreath

Well, if a new wreath doesn’t say, “It’s fall,” I don’t know what will! One of my favorite easy crafts to do is a quick wreath for our doors. I think a wreath goes a long way to make the home a happy place, and it’s just so darn easy! For you crafty girls, it’s a fun way to relax. And for you non-crafty girls, it’s an easy project to make you look craftier than you are 😉

All you need:

– Grapevine wreath
– hot glue gun & glue sticks 
– fabric scissors
– felt (scraps would work here)
– fabric swatches – at least 8 inches wide and 21 inches long
Oh, and a nice treat makes it pretty fun, too ;).
Lay out your fabric and decide how you’d like to start making your flowers. Unfold the fabric, cut a small slit about 2-3″ from the edge, and rip fabric to the end. You want your fabric to be long, so cut along the short edge and rip length-wise. You will do this for each flower.

Tie a knot at the end of the fabric, then begin twisting and rolling the fabric around the knot to form the fabric flower.

This is where the felt comes in. Cut small circles out of the felt, to serve as backing for your flower. The felt circles will help your flower hold its shape, as well as attach to the wreath easier.

After rolling your flower, use the hot-glue gun to attach a felt circle to the backside of the flower. Then get to work! I got into a nice rhythm of cutting circles, rolling a flower, gluing it to a circle, and repeating. Continue until you’ve made all the flowers you desire! I did four of each color.

Arrange your fabric flowers as you see fit onto your wreath, then glue, hang, and enjoy!

Have any questions? Leave a comment and I’ll help you out!


Tour through Blogland: A Peek into Our Apartment!

Happy Monday, y’all! I have something special for you today – my friend Madison asked me to take part in what’s called the “Tour through Blogland,” which is basically a peek into the homes of bloggers all over the place! This is a fun opportunity to share a little bit more of what goes on behind the scenes of 34 Magnolia Street. You can check out Madison’s tour here.

Many of you know that we moved from Tennessee to New Hampshire about 7 months ago. We spent the first two months in this house while looking for a more permanent place for us to settle down. We moved into our new apartment in April and we couldn’t be happier. We love opening it up to friends and family, and we plan on living here for a long time.

DIY Wreath tutorial here – it’s the easiest DIY you’ve ever seen, I promise.

We live in one of those crazy huge New England homes that has been split up into apartments. We have a two bedroom, one and a half bath spread next to two other one-bedroom spreads in this big house. We love it because we get the feel of having a “house” with the old neighborhood we live in and it’s a short walk from our downtown. It’s the best of the apartment-renting and home-owning worlds, if you ask me.

Despite this cute front door, we almost always use our back door, unless we’re going for a walk to downtown. We park around back, so we and our guests nearly always use the back door.

This family room is our most-used room in all of our apartment. When we aren’t sleeping or working, we’re usually here – it’s one of my favorite rooms because it’s the coziest. It also has a ceiling fan, which was a life-saver before we got an A/C unit. While New England’s winters are rough… the summer gets pretty toasty, too. I didn’t believe it until I experienced it. Shew.

You can see our dining area in this post with a peek into our teeny kitchen. We had such a hard time finding an apartment that would fit our crazy beautiful (in my humble opinion…) dining room table, that I was fine with a small kitchen when we found this place. We have a large pantry that makes up for the lack of cabinet space. There’s also a half bath located downstairs.

Our bedroom is another one of my favorite rooms, simply because it has these gorgeous tall ceilings and the largest closet I’ve ever seen in an apartment. As if the rest of the apartment hadn’t already won us over, the closet certainly sold us ;). If you paid special attention, you could probably guess which side is mine and which belongs to Jacob…. the nerf gun must have given it away. This room has nearly zero decorations, which I blame on waiting to get a new dresser. Once that happens, we’ll do some re-arranging and make this space as cozy as it should be!

And for the last stop in New England today, here’s a glimpse at my desk. I needed a new desk for my at-home setup and Jacob actually found this red one at Target! At first I wasn’t sure that I could pull of a red piece of furniture, but I have to say it brings a little happiness to my home office! This is where I spend most of my time 8-5 Monday through Friday.

Make sure you tune in next week to see the Home Tour through Blogland make stops in the South with these ladies:

Hayley is one of my long-time blog friends, who I’d give an arm and a leg to have coffee with one day! Her love for Christ shines bright through her online space and how much she loves her family. She recently moved, so I’m just as excited as you are to get a peek into her new space!
Maegen from The Modern Tulip
Believe it or not, Maegen and I lived in the same town before we moved to New England! We eventually figured it out through an event we both attended, but didn’t realize it until after – crazy, right?! She is a sweet taste of the South and is expecting her first child! She and her husband are quite the DIY-ers when it comes to their home (and his cars!). Can’t wait to see inside! 🙂 

*Check out how we decorated our first apartment here and our second apartment here, here and here. You might also like things you just won’t know about your home until you move in.


Things you just won't know until you move in

Jacob has been watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix over the past few weeks, so it’s been playing on our TV many evenings. The other day an episode came up when Lily and Marshall bought a new apartment and they were so excited about it. But when they walked in to show Robin, she noticed the entire apartment was crooked… and it wasn’t long before they realized it, too.

When you find “the place” to live… it’s like falling in love! In the beginning, you don’t see any faults – just the beautiful, fabulous parts of that person (or place). But once you move in and get cozy, the not-so-great parts start sticking out.

When we found this apartment, we were basically star-struck in love. We had looked at so many horribly cruddy apartments beforehand, this one literally looked like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But now that we’ve been here since April, we’re starting to notice the not-so-great parts.

What you won’t know about your home until you move in:

+ There’s a pack of skunks who live in the backyard. Every night around 9pm, a faint skunk smell begins coming through your open windows and circulating around your house. Yum.

+ The ditch at the end of driveway is unfixable. It gets filled and a month later it’s a ditch again.

+ The high ceilings are gorgeous, but how are we supposed to change the stinking lightbulbs without the ladder we don’t have?!

+ The floors are slightly crooked, so all bookshelves and nightstands must be strategically placed.

+ When your landlord is a construction worker, there will be construction at your place. Often. I’m talking the last 3 weeks every day 7am – 6pm (yes, while I’m working from home), and some Saturdays.

+ When there are construction workers outside, I can no longer lay out on my lunch break. #goodbyetan

+ While working from home with construction outside and no A/C inside, every time the phone rings I must jump up and close all windows before answering said phone.

+ Your neighbors enjoy blaring music from their cars outside their apartments during the day. Or sitting shirtless drinking beer before 10am.

In all seriousness, we do love this apartment. But it’s funny how much you begin noticing the annoying things after you’re committed! I know I can’t be alone in this – what have you discovered about your home or apartment?!


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Faith 1

The Easiest DIY You’ve Ever Seen

You guys, I’m a big fan of DIY…. but I’m an especially big fan when it’s the easiest DIY imaginable. That’s what I’m talking about.

Here’s the number one reason it’s the easiest DIY you’ll ever find: the only skill requirement is the knowledge of how to use a hot glue gun. I can see you smiling, so keep reading.

– Wreath
– Flowers of choice
– Hot glue gun
– Scissors

I tend to swing toward simple decor, so I love the look of whimsical, homey wreaths. I love this wooded look with the flowers dispersed throughout. PLUS, simple usually means EASY when it comes to DIY – added bonus!

Whenever I’m ready to make a new wreath, I always check the sale aisles at Michael’s. These suckers were 40% off and I only used two bundles. This wreath cost less than $12.

Step 1: Cut all branches off of the original long stems. 

Step 2: Lay out the branches on the wreath – place as you see fit.

Step 3: Get to gluing!

Step 4: Hang and enjoy!

Looking or more wreath tutorials? Check out my DIY spring wreath.

Happy crafting!


Living Room Reveal

Pillow, Frame : Target (old)  |  Quilt : Gifted  |  Lamp, Side Table : TJ Maxx

Our living is room is absolutely our most used space in our apartment. It helps that it has a ceiling fan… but, in all reality, it’s pretty cozy. Our apartment has two floors, with both bedrooms, laundry closet and the full bath upstairs, while the living space, kitchen, half bath and dining area is downstairs. The walls are painted an off-white/cream color that hasn’t photographed well, but it’s reality. 😉 We haven’t painted anything, and aren’t sure if we are allowed in this rental… but we also aren’t sure if it’s worth the effort, since we won’t be here for life. We’ll see.

I totally surprised myself by decorating with blue in this room! We had to buy area rugs for this room and the dining room, and for some crazy reason this blue one (and the dining room rug!) caught my eye.

I think part of it has to do with trying to make our giant blue recliner fit in. The recliner belonged to Jacob’s grandpa, and when his grandma moved recently, she shipped it across the country to us. It was a bit of a surprise, but it’s neat for Jacob to have a piece of furniture that belonged to his grandpa.

It is big and blue, though. I think we’ve made it work with the rug and accented blue in the room. I kind of like it! Plus, the chair is ridiculously comfortable (it reclines, for goodness’ sake!), so it’s a keeper.

Frames on shelf : TJ Maxx (old)  |  Ampersand : Hobby Lobby (old)  |  Vase : PNZDesigns

Curtains : Target  |  Floating Shelves : Target (old)  |  Mirror : Pier 1 (old)  |  Banner : 34 Magnolia Street Shop
Blue pillows : Pier 1  |  Other pillows : Target (old)

 Bench : TJ Maxx
Prints hung above recliner : 34 Magnolia Street Shop  |  Frames : TJ Maxx
Basket : Target (old)

We’d like to get a new coffee table down the road (the one pictured was gifted to us from a customer when I worked at a restaurant!) and the TV stand. We’ve upgraded our TV since we bought that stand after we got married, and now it looks hilarious with the TV towering over it.

So welcome to my living space! I wish I could invite you in and we could chat over coffee, so we’ll just have to virtually pretend today ;).

Happy Monday!!