What I read: March 2016

While the early arrival of our sweet little girl threw a wrinkle in my reading groove, I still checked quite a few books off my list last month!

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass Series, Book #2)by Sarah Maas // ***** Fiction/Fantasy. This has been such a fun series to get lost in! I loved the twists and turns in this book – it kept my attention and delight just like the first book. (See my book #1 review here.)

More or Less: Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity by Jeff Shinabarger // ***** Non-Fiction/Self-Help. I’ve been borderline obsessed with getting rid of STUFF in our lives (see this post for proof), but this book was a great reminder that it’s not about just clearing space in our lives. It’s about being generous to others with what we have. I loved the author’s perspective and relationship with Clarence. This book tangibly challenged me to grow in generosity in several new ways.

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty // ***** Fiction. This was a great read – one where I totally got sucked into the world these characters lived in. This was a twisty, great plot that kept my attention and surprised me again and again. Loved the author’s style – I’ve come to really enjoy her books!

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass Series, Book #3) by Sarah Maas // *** Fiction/Fantasy. This was by far my least favorite in the series so far. It seemed to delve so much deeper into this weird fantasy world and SO MUCH was happening with all the narrative focus changes. I lost interest in this not very far in and really only finished because I was already invested in the main characters. It felt long and very drawn out. (See my book #1 review here.)
Want more book reviews? Check out what I read in January and February.

Here’s what’s coming down the line for next month: Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Great Expectations: the Essential Guide to Breastfeeding by Marianne Neifert, Finding Spiritual White Space: Awakening Your Soul to Rest by Bonnie Gray, Heading Home with Your Newborn: from Birth to Reality by Laura A. Jana and more I haven’t even started yet!:)

What have you read lately and loved? I’m always looking to add more to my GoodReads “to read” list! If we haven’t connected on GoodReads yet, let’s connect!

How I made $350 this year by selling our JUNK

How I made $350 this year by selling our junk

I’m not sure if it’s nesting or what, but I’ve become obsessed with decluttering our lives this year… And when possible, making money while I do it.

I made $350 this year by SELLING MY JUNK. You can, too! Here's how: Click To Tweet

It started with ThredUp (aff link: if you sign up with my link, you get $10 to spend and so do I!). I’m notorious for “cleaning out my closet.” And by cleaning, I mean bagging up a bunch of clothes I no longer wear and then letting that bag sit up against the wall in our bedroom for 6 months because I’m too lazy to take it to Plato’s or Goodwill. Enter ThredUp. They literally send you a trash bag sized mailing envelope for you to pack your clothes inside and they pay for the shipping to return it to them! So I stuffed my clothes in the bag, actually made it to the post office and off they went!

Then I made $54.50 in PayPal cash. Score.

And it continued with eBay. How many of y’all had wedding showers where you received multiples of items you couldn’t return? We sure did. And I kept them, of course, telling myself I’d re-gift them at other showers…. Which turned into those pesky things sitting in our spare closet for the past 3 years. Ugh… Anyone else?!

Well, I got brave and made a few eBay listings. And they sold!!!

I made another $66.71 from selling perfectly usable items that had been simply taking up space in our lives. Win.

And then I learned about Amazon’s trade in program (aff link). How have you all kept this secret from me all these years?! Amazon will buy your DVDs, books and electronics in exchange for Amazon gift cards. Yes. Please. We have so many DVDs and books we won’t ever watch or read again that just take up space.

So I logged on and got rid of 20 DVDs and 1 textbook for $36.37.

It wasn’t much, and honestly I was a bit disappointed with the dollar return on this one, but something is better than the NOTHING I had before, right? And having less stuff has been so freeing to me. Unfortunately Amazon didn’t take most of our books, so I stumbled upon BookScouter.com and found a few other sites that would buy our books!

I ended up using Powell’s and SellBackYourBook.com and sold 10 more books for $18.57!

They also paid for shipping so, again, I’m getting paid and GETTING RID OF STUFF I DON’T NEED! Ugh, I could just cheer myself on right now I’m so excited.

And, finally, I ventured to CraigsList. It was scary, but I did it anyway.. And I’m so glad! Believe it or not, I won an Instagram loop giveaway a couple months ago (I know, right?! I kind of thought those were scams but I guess not!;)) and accumulated some things I loved and some things I didn’t need, including a stroller and FitBit. I listed the stroller on CraigsList and sold the FitBit on good ole Facebook!

I made $165 off those guys.

So, for a grand total…. $54.50 + $66.71 + $36.37 + $18.57 + $165 = $341.15!!!

The minimalist and financial planner in me has been having a blast finding ways to make a little money and clear some space around here! Have you tried any of these methods? What about other options? I’d love to know how it goes! For example, I’ve wondered about PoshMark… Anyone tried it?