What you REALLY need for your new baby (a minimalist approach)

What you REALLY need for your new baby
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I don’t know about you, but when we created our baby registry, I was totally overwhelmed.

There are about a million different baby products that you “need” and about a trillion options for each product type. Or at least that’s how I felt when I set foot inside Babies R Us. In preparation for creating our registry, I read tons of “what you really need for baby” lists from Pinterest (these were the most helpful – 1, 2, 3), but we still ended up with way more than we truly needed.

So… I wanted to put together a list of what we actually use (and how many of each item!) while we’re still in the thick of this newborn phase of life. Hopefully this will be helpful to any of you who are preparing for your first little one, or even those of you who are looking at your friends’ registries at a total loss for what to buy them. Here’s the scoop:

Clothing + Accessories

Sleepers (8) – Adeline lived in these things for the first couple weeks! They are so easy for the million diaper changes each day, but especially the night time changes when you’re a little foggy brained and your patience is a bit thinner. I’ve found we like the sleepers that snap down both legs to be the easiest to deal with during the night time changes. The sleepers that zip down one leg are super hard to get on and off her at night and the last thing we want is to be up longer than necessary. Also! Those mid-diaper change pees soak the puddle pad as well as the sleeper…. So a simple diaper change often becomes an outfit change. And that happens a lot. Hence the need for 8 so that I’m doing laundry about every other day and we aren’t left in a pinch in the middle of the night.

Onesies (5-7) Two things: only register for or buy onesies that have the crisscrossed head openings (they are bigger than the plain circle openings) or that button or tie down the side and don’t stock up on plain white ones. Now that I have an actual baby to dress, I’d rather put her in the patterned or colored ones because they are more fun! And since we do laundry so often, she honestly doesn’t need more than 5.

Jackets/cardigans (5) – This is obviously seasonal, but for my early spring baby, I love layering these jackets over her cute short sleeved onesies! We have two hooded sweatshirt jackets and one cardigan, but I think we’d be set with a total of 5. I feel a little like she wears the same outfit every day with the 3 options we have now.

Pants (5) – Five pairs of pants in colors to coordinate with your onesies and you’re set!

Socks (3) – these can totally be re-worn between washes, but I haven’t even done a load with 3 pairs of socks in it yet! Several of her pants have feet built in, which helps.

Hats (3-5) – Again, this is mostly to have enough options to coordinate with outfits :)! Adeline still wears hats most days and nights due to the chilly spring weather and her small size, and I like to change them each day/night to keep her hair looking fresh between baths. PS – this hat of hers is my FAVORITE and it’s on sale!

Swaddle blankets (3) – These are great for swaddling, of course, but also for snuggling, covering the car seat, using as a nursing cover and as a light blanket throughout the day! We got tons of these (like more than 10), but I’ve found 3 seems to be the magic number for having them when I need them. I can have one dirty, one in the wash and still have one when I need it!


Baby towel (2) and washcloths (3-4)  – Since you give newborns baths every 2-3 days, there’s no need for tons of towels. We use 2-3 washcloths with each bath for blanketing her to keep her warm during the bath and for sudsing/rinsing.

Baby bath tub (1) – We use the Puj and love it so far! It’s small and easy to store as well.

Baby lotion (1) – Newborns often have dry skin, and Adeline definitely does!! We lotion her after every bath and with every outfit change each day.

Bath soap (1) – A little goes a looooong way, so don’t worry about stocking up. Registering for just one bottle will last you quite a while!


Car seat/stroller travel system – This has got to be the most convenient thing in the world!! I looooove how easy it is to get Adeline into the stroller by myself with the car seat/stroller combo. The stroller folds and unfolds with the pull of one strap, the car seat clicks right in and off we go to run our errand! She snoozes through the whole thing! It’s all super light weight and compact so we just keep the stroller in the trunk of the car, ready to go.

Rock n play – This thing is amazing. I originally got it to use downstairs for napping during the day, but Adeline has been sleeping in it at night as well for the past couple of weeks. A few weeks ago she decided she was done being swaddled and did not want anything to do with the bassinet, so out of desperation we put her in the rock n play and all of a sudden we got to sleep again. Praise God! It’s also incredibly portable, so I can easily move it to the bathroom or up and down the stairs throughout the day!

Crib – She can only sleep in the rock n play or bassinet for so long;). But! The crib doesn’t have to break the bank. We got ours brand new and on sale for under $100.

Carrier – I can’t recommend my favorite yet because I’ve only used our Happy Wrap a couple times, but so far I’m really enjoying it! (I hear it is more lightweight and has less fabric than the comparable Moby wrap). We also have a Tula, but I bought the wrong infant insert and am waiting to get the correct one in the mail, so I haven’t tried it yet. I’d also really like to try a ring sling because they seem so much more simple than the Happy Wrap style carriers. Regardless, being able to wear Adeline some during the day is HUGE for me. I don’t like putting her down in the rock n play much throughout the day because she already spends all night in it, so the carrier enables me to keep her close while also accomplishing a few things during the day. 😉 ( PS – Check out this post for some great tips on how to safely baby wear!)


Puddle pads (6) – We go through these like diapers, except they aren’t disposable ;). Our little one loves to pee while we are mid-diaper change, so all of ours cycle through the wash about every second or third day. We have two “changing stations” in our house – one in the nursery and a small diaper caddy downstairs – so we have two puddle pads in use at a time. It’s so nice to just change the puddle pad instead of messing with the changing pad cover in the middle of the night! And it’s especially nice for the puddle pad to catch the pee when we’re using a more portable changing pad – those things are usually water resistant, so the pee would just run right off! The puddle pad keeps that from happening.

Changing pad and table – We have converted an old desk to a changing station in Adeline’s room. We keep a changing pad and puddle pad on it and I love having a place to change her at night that’s not the floor. After many changes on our table, I’d recommend you make sure yours is a good height for you! Ours is a bit short, since it’s actually an old desk, and my back hurts if I’m bent over for too long.

Diapers – You can’t have too many. Plain and simple.

Wipes – Ditto.


Nursing cover – Learning to nurse modestly was quite the challenge for me! There’s just so much to maneuver underneath these covers: my shirt, bra, disposable leak pad, nipple shield, MOVING BABY…. all the while making sure none of my skin is exposed. How do people make this look so easy?!? I tried using a “nursing infinity scarf” first and that was a joke. I couldn’t figure it out to save my life, so I quickly bought this out of desperation. I like that it hooks around my neck and covers my front and sides so easily. However, I did cave and buy this Copper Pearl nursing/car seat cover for more 360 degree coverage, which I love due to ALL THE THINGS you have to maneuver under there. The full coverage option also lets me wear any type of shirt to nurse, since it won’t matter if it pulls up in the back.

Disposable leak pads – I wear these pretty much all the time with my nursing bras. I haven’t had a soak-through-my-shirt experience, but out of fear I wear these just in case!:) I do leak when I let down, so anytime she cries or while she’s nursing the other side will leak bit. These pads are great – they also keep your bras cleaner longer between washes!

Soothie gel pads (always have an extra set on hand) – Man oh man. There are two things I’ve called “life changing” in pregnancy/postpartum: the epidural and these soothies. I have (thankfully!!!!) had a pretty smooth breastfeeding experience so far, but about two weeks in I experienced extremely sore nipples. One wear between feedings with the soothies and all was right in the world again! I can’t recommend having these on hand enough!

Nursing bras (2-4) – I have only tried this kind from Motherhood Maternity, but I love them! They are super comfortable and easy to use. I have 4 – three nude and one black – and wash them all about twice a week… You could probably get away with only two, though. 

Lansinoh cream – Like I said, my breastfeeding experience has been relatively painless, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this cream had a lot to do with it. I religiously apply this after every feeding and I bet it’s why I haven’t experienced cracks or much soreness!

Burp cloths (3) – With the amount of laundry I’m doing already, 3 is just enough. I typically use the same burp cloth all day and change them out each morning. However, Adeline literally never spits up, so I just use these for wiping excess milk off her face during and after each feeding. If your baby is a big spitter, you may go through more than one in a day. I looooove these burt’s bees cloths because they are super soft!

Breast pump – If you plan on being away from your baby at all, this is a must! And now that they are covered with insurance, there’s no reason not to have one! I just started using mine last week and I’m happy with it!

Breastmilk storage bags (can’t have too many) – These are a must have for freezing milk for later!

Hands free pumping bra – Before I got this bra, I had to pump one side at a time, so it took twice as long and I couldn’t do much with only one free hand! It is soooo nice to have both hands free to write thank you cards, read, etc.

Bottles – We have really only used the bottle/nipple that came with my pump/the extra medela accessories I bought, so I can’t recommend a brand or type. But! I’d say you need 2-6 of these on hand, totally dependent upon how often you plan to bottle feed and how often you do the dishes.


Soothies pacifier (2) – This is the only pacifier we’ve tried with Adeline because she takes it, but having a pacifier has saved my boobs! There have been several times Adeline would cry and I’d try nursing her, but she just wanted to use me as a paci… In comes the (real) pacifier.

Baby grooming kit – Ours has come in handy multiple times! We use the oral thermometer to check the bath temperature (ha!), the hair combs and nail file often! I’ve found filing her nails while she is sleeping is easier than clipping them – just a personal preference.

Baby book! – I know, this may seem unqualified for the “must-have” list, but I beg to differ. I want to remember my baby’s “firsts” for forever! I love this book because it’s calendar-style, so it’s easy to read as I look back to see all the notes! It also limits space so I can’t over record things ;).

Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Remover – THIS GETS STAINS OUT OF EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING, Y’ALL! I’m talking mustard yellow poop out of white onesies! This stuff is life changing and I’ve used it on something in almost every baby laundry load so far.

Baby Tracker App (it’s free!) – This app helped me keep track of Adeline’s feedings, diaper changes and sleep in the early days of her life. In the hospital, the nurses always wanted to know if she had dirty diapers, when she nursed and for how long on which side, etc. It was impossible for my  foggy new mom brain to remember her nighttime feedings come morning, so this app was a lifesaver. I love that it helps me track which side I started on last and it times her feedings for me. I still use it to track her feeding schedule almost 6 weeks later!


Essential Guide to Breastfeeding – This book prepared me so well for breastfeeding! I read it shortly before Adeline was born, but have referenced it again many times since. It has answered all of my questions about breastfeeding, pumping, milk storage, etc.

Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality – I borrowed this book from a friend and read it after Adeline was born. This is a staple in my opinion – I have looked up many questions in this book to find answers quickly! It has been extremely helpful and I’d tell all my friends to register for these two books!

Not “Necessary” but items I do love…

Diaper caddy – We have a two story apartment and Adeline’s nursery is upstairs. We spend most of our day downstairs, though, so we keep a small caddy with diapers, wipes and a foldable changing pad (came with the caddy!) under our end table by the couch. Since she goes through about 16 diapers a day, I enjoy not making 16 extra trips up the stairs to change her.;) But as someone who also hates clutter, the compact nature of this makes me incredibly happy.

A more “hardy” blanket for travel – We got this blanket from Etsy (PS it’s on sale!) and I love everything about it. One side is super soft with nubs on it and the opposite side is a little more durable. It’s a great blanket to cover Adeline in her carseat for chilly days or in the rock n play while she naps. It’s the perfect size and we take it with us everywhere!

Carseat Mirror – Like most first time moms, I sat in the backseat with Adeline for probably the first 5 weeks of her life. That is, until I had to drive by myself. In comes the car seat mirror… this comforted my paranoid mom heart because I could still see her!

Boon Drying Grass – There are so many small parts to my pump and bottles that I love having a separate place to dry them. Since we don’t have a dishwasher, I hand wash everything and this rack allows me to keep all those pieces together and away from our regular dishes.  

Okay mamas, is there anything you would add to the “must-have” section of this list? What about the “nice to have” part??

Adeline’s Birth Story

Birth Story

What an experience. I’ll start off by saying that I had no idea what to expect when I went into labor, but somehow it was nothing like those expectations I “didn’t have.” 🙂 The whole time my labor was starting, I thought in the back of my mind that I might be in labor, but it didn’t seem dramatic enough: the pain wasn’t strong enough (in the beginning), there was no hard and fast sign that this was happening now, etc.

But I kind of knew it was going to happen. I woke up on Saturday, March 19th and met a friend for coffee. Jacob had been at an all-nighter with the youth group the previous night, so he had just returned home to catch some sleep and I wanted to leave the house quiet for him, so I met up with a friend for coffee before heading out to do some shopping. I came home around noon, did the dishes and ate a light lunch with him while catching up on some shows and scrolling through Twitter.

Knowing the baby could come soon, I had been wanting to do some much-needed cleaning, so I got up and vacuumed the house, washed our bed sheets (so we could come home to clean sheets!) and cleaned the bathroom. I had an inkling I’d like to return to a clean home in case she did come early. I went to the bathroom around 1pm and noticed I was getting some blood-streaked discharge (AKA “bloody show”), which made me think I could possibly lose my mucuous plug soon! That got me excited (and nervous!) that things were getting started, although I knew it could still be a few days or weeks before the baby came. I made note of that, called my mom, and continued on with my cleaning. I also started to feel some light cramping, but again, I figured it was just my body getting things moving… although part of me wondered if I’d have the baby in a day or two. My mom and I even joked that March 20th would be a great birthday… ha!

A friend stopped over to drop off some old baby clothes, so we sat and talked for a while. I told her about my new symptoms and that when I saw the change in my discharge I kind of freaked out, realizing we are close to having a baby. She is really coming soon!!

After she left, I finished my cleaning and organizing and came downstairs to make dinner. Throughout dinner I could still feel the cramping, which was happening more often, but not often enough to be timed. And it definitely still felt more like period cramps: uncomfortable, but not at all what I’d describe as painful. However, since I had the change in discharge and the cramping, I figured walking would be a good idea to either speed things up or slow them down. At 6:30pm I went for a walk with another friend and her kids before she put them down for bed. Again, I told her all my symptoms and we got excited that things were moving, but assumed it would still be at least another few days.

Once I got home, I got ready for bed and laid in bed reading for a couple hours… But only after washing the dirty dinner dishes. After all, I knew I’d be mad if the one night I didn’t clean up dinner was the night I went into labor! Ha!!

Over time the cramping was getting stronger, making me wonder more and more if this “cramping” was really contractions! I tried to sleep around 9:30, but spent the next hour getting up to pee every ten minutes and realized the cramping was getting stronger.. so it was definitely the start of contractions. Still not what I would call painful – just uncomfortable.

BUT, around 10:45, I felt a “pop!” and realized my water had broken! I jumped out of bed, as quickly as a 9 month pregnant lady can jump, and waddled to the toilet as quickly as I could, saying, “Oh God, oh God!” I made it mostly there before the gushing started and Jacob ran up the stairs to find me sitting on the toilet crying. That’s when I realized we are having this baby in the next 24 hours and I am not ready. Sure, we were physically ready – we had all the things that we needed – but I was not emotionally ready!! I was expecting three more weeks, but our lives were about to change drastically and we had no idea what we were doing!! My sweet husband hugged me, told me it was going to be okay and we were in this together and asked what I needed. That’s when we started making calls.

Since we are pastors, we both work on Sundays and have ministry teams that we lead… so it was time to do some scrambling. We called, texted and emailed everyone we needed to get ourselves covered or things moved around and then I called my midwife. She said to call again when my contractions were 4-5 minutes apart and so strong I wanted to punch someone. Ha! At that point they were happening about every 2-3 minutes, but weren’t very long or strong. So we got to packing our bags.

I told Jacob to try to get some rest because I was going to need his support later. As I finished packing my bag he climbed into bed and asked, “So what do you want to name her?”

I literally laughed because I totally forgot we hadn’t officially picked a name yet. There was one name we kept returning to again and again, so I said that one and then we talked about middle names. He sounded sleepy so I left him to catch some sleep and went downstairs to keep timing my contractions. I busied myself with random things and eventually sat down to start writing this post while it was fresh on my mind. By 1 am the contractions were getting strong enough that I was getting hot and cold chills, feeling mildly nauseous and very uncomfortable. They had been lasting nearly a minute and coming every 4-5 minutes for about forty five minutes.

I called the midwife around 1:30 and told her I wanted to come in to be checked because I didn’t want to miss my opportunity for pain meds if I wanted them, so I woke up Jacob and we headed to the hospital. I had a couple contractions on the way to the hospital and was getting anxious to get there, praying there would be some dilation happening.

They had my room ready for me when we got there, so I changed into the hospital gown and waited for my midwife to arrive. I told the nurse I’d likely want an epidural, but wanted to try the nitrous oxide first. She prepped me for a saline drip for the epidural, got me hooked up to all the machines and we waited for Sharon. She arrived at 2:45, and by that point I was starting to fade fast. The contractions were incredibly strong and nothing soothes them – walking, sitting, leaning against Jacob, etc. I was getting a little grumpy.

Sharon checked me when she arrived, and I said, “I better be more than 2cm!!” Thankfully, she said I was already 5cm and I literally said “PRAISE GOD!!” out loud. Then I told her I wanted to go straight to the epidural because I had no idea how anyone does this without medication. We had to wait for the anesthesiologist to arrive, so I used the gas while we waited. The gas did not cut it and ended up frustrating me more than helping, so I quit using that and thanked God again when the anesthesiologist got there.

She was amazing – she explained everything she was doing while setting up for the epidural and patiently waited while I worked through contractions. They put the epidural in around 4am and told us we should try to take naps. Every contraction after they started the epidural felt better and better (after birth, I told my midwife the epidural was literally “life changing.” She laughed and said no one had said that to her before). I could still feel the pressure of the contractions, but was relieved from the life-draining, searing pain they brought with them.

I couldn’t actually nap during that time because I could still feel the pressure of the contractions, but the quiet and the break from the pain was incredibly restful and energizing to me. Jacob was able to nap for about 30 minutes and I spent that time reflecting on what was happening. It was the first opportunity I had since things really got going to reflect on the process. I got to spend that time thanking God for the ways he was perfectly providing for us and meeting my needs in this labor process, as well as pray for strength and a safe delivery ahead. Looking back, I’m so grateful for that time I got to spend with the Lord in preparation for Adeline’s arrival. It was such a special time for me.

However, I could definitely tell things were moving along during that time as well. Around 4:15 I realized the pressure I was feeling had moved from my lower abdomen to what felt like my butt (lol), so I figured that must mean she was loving down into the birth canal. The contractions and pressure were getting stronger and longer as time went on, so at 5am I called the nurse back in to have Sharon check me again.

As soon as she checked, she said, “it’s time to have this baby!”

I looked at Jacob and said “Are you ready?! We’re having a baby!!!” And then freaked out a little in my head… The hard part was coming.

Sharon said we’d start pushing with my next contraction. At 5:11 they had me start pushing – which felt like an exercise in futility at the time… I felt like nothing was happening yet I was exerting all my energy!! They told me I was doing great, though, and pushed 3-4 times with each contraction. Adeline Grace was born at 5:26am on Sunday, March 20th. Turns out it was the perfect day for a birthday after all. 🙂 She weighed 5 lbs 15 oz and measured 18 inches long.

Jacob and I knew we would name her Adeline at that point, but we were still going back and forth on three possible middle names. We decided on Grace in the delivery room because to us, she was the result of God’s perfect grace and provision for us. This entire pregnancy was wrapped in a season of turmoil and a lot of emotional pain for us. So much of our lives that we thought was worked out was turned upside down in the most upsetting and confusing ways, but in the midst of it all, God gave us this perfect gift we didn’t even know we needed. She has already changed our lives in amazing, growth-provoking ways and we can’t believe we thought our family was complete without her. We now know God has so much more in store for us and we are so grateful to spend the coming many years seeing his Grace poured out through our beautiful daughter Adeline Grace.

Adeline, we love you so much already and look forward to our love growing along with you. We are honored to be your parents and thank God for you all the day long. You are beautiful, you are loved and you are cherished – by us and God your Father. Welcome to our family.


I hope she gets these parts of him.

Pumpkins Pregnancy Announcement

As we get closer and closer to meeting our little girl, I get so excited to see her face. I can feel her moving all the time now – I feel very connected to her in that way – but I long to touch her face and little fingers and kiss her little cheeks!

Thinking about actually getting to see her soon makes me think about all the traits she will get from us. Of course, I would love for her to have her dad’s beautiful, flawless skin and white shiny teeth, but there are other traits of Jacob’s I really hope she takes after.

I hope she is patient like him. I am sometimes too fast-paced of a person that I can’t bear to let others even finish their sentences (ugh, I know, right?! I’m one of those people). But Jacob is quick to listen and slow to speak – the very things that enable him to love others so well, and the things I lack that often get me in trouble!

I hope she is servant-hearted like him. He’s never one to hope for recognition, but he is almost always the first to lend a hand. Whether it’s helping people move or giving someone a ride, anything to meet a need, he is there and does so gladly. I’m so grateful for those parts of him and challenged by his actions to grow in this area myself!

I hope she works hard like he does. If there’s one thing I’ve never doubted about Jacob, it’s his worth ethic and dedication. I’ve never worried he wouldn’t be able to provide for us because he’s shown me again and again that he will do whatever it takes, even if he doesn’t like it. When he isn’t appreciated, he still works hard. When he doesn’t like his job, he still works hard. When he’s growing through a season of hurt, he still works hard and gives all of himself to what he believes in. While I am quick to complain, he is quick to press on. I hope she is strong like he is.

I hope she loves like he does. Pregnancy has rocked my world a bit – I’ve become uncomfortable, out of sorts with my emotions and quick-tempered. Jacob has remained steady and loved me through my tossing and turning night sleeps, grumpy morning numb hands, sciatic nerve pain that keeps me glued to the bed or couch, and ever-expanding belly that threatens my self esteem. He has continued patiently loving me and supporting me, even when I haven’t been the quickest to love and support him. I hope she sees Christ’s love reflected through the ways he loves me and the ways he will love her.

I can’t wait to watch him love her.

Pumpkins Pregnancy Announcements Fall

Photos by Kaitlin Bagby.


36 Week Pregnancy Update

All the things they say about The Last Month of Pregnancy are true. For some reason, there was definitely a part of me that thought those things won’t happen to me…

But I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Let’s start with the cankles. WHAT IS HAPPENING. It’s like one day I looked down and realized I have balloons for feet. I honestly have no idea when this happened, but it’s awful. I had to go out and buy some new shoes last week just so I’d have something to wear! I long for the days postpartum when I can look down and appreciate the ankles God has given me again.

Then there’s the swelling in my hands. That wouldn’t bother me as much if it didn’t bring numbness with it and aches that extend into my forearms. There are legitimate times throughout the day that my arms ache so badly I just cry in frustration. I JUST WANT TO WASH THE DISHES IN PEACE. Never thought I’d say that.

Speaking of washing the dishes, that’s becoming quite the task on its own due to my ever expanding belly. I noticed my back starts hurting after a couple minutes  because I’m leaning at a weird angle in order to reach over my belly. Ha!!! The little things, y’all.

But on a much more serious note, is pre-partum depression a thing? (Update: apparently the correct term is antepartum, thank you dictionary.com) My emotions have been all over the place this past week. I’m weepy thinking of meeting our daughter, but I’m also weepy thinking about the life change that’s ahead of us. I get mad at Jacob for not washing the dishes (that I never asked him to wash) or  feel overwhelmed thinking about not having control over my own life soon. I’m tired and frustrated that I can’t sleep well, so I’m emotional about that. I hate my swollen ankles, puffy face and huge belly and feel extremely unattractive and that’s having an embarrassingly profound impact on how I view myself these days. Then I worry Jacob and I aren’t on the same page emotionally about having a child and therefore create fake scenarios in my head that then make me cry. Again, WHAT IS HAPPENING. I feel so out of sorts with myself.

All that to say, the Last Month of Pregnancy is no joke. Believe what they say, my friends. Believe it.

How I’m [honestly] preparing for baby #albrechtlittle

preparing for baby

By giving into every instinct I have:

  • Staying up too late reading? Check.
  • Waking up without an alarm as often as possible? Check.
  • Cleaning like a mad woman and getting rid of all possible clutter? Check.
  • Taking a bath every night? Check.
  • Watching The Bachelor and eating oreos by myself? Not even embarrassed to say CHECK.
  • Reading too many mom blogs? Of course.
  • Wondering why I can’t think of anything to write about on my own blog and worrying I’m turning into a mom blog…. Yes.
  • Not thinking about labor? AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, CHECK.
  • Wondering if I should pack my hospital bag? Definitely.
  • Putting off packing my hospital bag because I don’t know where to start or what type of PJs to buy, even though I’ve read about 100000 lists of “what you should pack in your hospital bag”? For sure.
  • Asking all my friends what they wore during labor because I have no idea what I’m doing? Check.
  • Eating way too much ice cream? Absolutely. Thanks to Hayward’s reopening.

For Our Little One, 34 Weeks

34 Week Pregnancy Update

Dear Little One,

You are getting so big (and so am I!)! I can still feel what seems like every single one of your tiniest movements, but my favorites are when I can feel a hand or a foot. You’re positioned head down now, getting ready to meet the world I guess, and I can feel your little hand on my left side at least once a day. It’s so surreal! I can’t believe you have little fingers and toes and you look like a baby in there! I’m getting so excited to see your face and touch your fingers and toes.

We have almost everything ready for you! The crib is being shipped to us as I write this, I ordered the last of the items we were missing from our registry yesterday, I’ve washed all your clothes, and I made an appointment to get your car seat installed correctly at the hospital next week. My friends Angela and Victoria helped me paint your changing table and hang curtains last week, and next week they are coming to finish the last of our nursery projects!

Your room has always been my favorite in our apartment, even before it was your room, because it’s so bright and cheery… and it’s the warmest of them all! But now I like to go and just sit in the rocking chair while I read or work and take it all in. It looks much different now – very much like it belongs to a little girl. I can’t wait until you make your appearance into the world and we get to bring you home to it!

I’ve been feeling pretty good so far throughout this pregnancy – although sleeping has become very uncomfortable and I wake up every couple of hours. I guess that’s my body’s way of preparing me to be up feeding you all night long! My fingers and hands have also been falling asleep all night long and throughout the day, which has been frustrating, but nothing worth complaining about. Although! Last Sunday while I was leading, my hands were falling asleep while I played the guitar!! That was incredibly distracting and painful, and I ended up having to a cut a song at the end of both services because I couldn’t play anymore!! Needless to say, I took that as my cue to retire my Sunday morning guitar playing and get some other guys to fill in for me moving forward. I never thought my hands falling asleep would be the reason I’d have to do that!

You are about the size of a pineapple this week (19-22 inches) and weigh about 5 pounds. I’ve gained 23 pounds total so far (had my appointment this morning!) and am definitely feeling the weight gain. 😉 You could come anytime in the next 4-8 weeks… And we are counting the days until we get to meet you!

We love you so much already,

your mama

34 Week Pregnancy Update Comparison

Woah!! Look at that belly growth over the last two weeks!!