34MSt Welcome

No, 34 Magnolia Street is not my real address. But it is my creative outlet, path to chasing my dreams, and ever-changing documentation of God’s continuous grace upon grace. (You can read the “why” behind the name here.)

I hope it can be a place like that for you, too. You’re welcome here anytime.

I’m Lauren and the good-looking man next to me is Jacob. We’ve been married for three years, and sometimes I can’t believe all we’ve done in those short years. We have started four new jobs, bought our first brand new car, played lots of card games and just started to tap the surface of what life-long love looks like. We have moved four times, the most recent of which was across the country from Tennessee to New Hampshire, we found out we were unexpectedly expecting our first child, Adeline Grace – who has forever changed us (you can read her birth story here) – and experienced the ups and downs of vocational ministry.

Jacob would say he doesn’t read 34 Magnolia Street because he lives in it – not literally, of course.. but sort of. While he doesn’t read regularly, he’s an endless source for the stories and revelations that appear on this blog. He’s my biggest cheerleader, attentive listener, and the only one on earth who knows the true depths of my heart.

This blog is a culmination of so many things to me – it’s a celebration of daily life, proof that God works wonders in and through his people, and a very large part of me discovering what my dreams really are and incorporating them into daily life.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading. You are the reason this place means so much, and why I’m so very excited to come here every day!

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