What is yours & Jacob’s story?

Jacob and I got married in June 2012 and we gladly call ourselves newlyweds. He won me over during the summer before my sophomore year of college with his servant’s heart and gentle spirit, and I’m so grateful to be his wife. He is currently chasing his dreams as a student pastor at a church here in New Hampshire. I was recently presented with the privilege of coming on staff at our church as well, as one of our Worship Pastors! It is literally a dream come true – a dream I didn’t even realize I had! – and you can read more about that transition here.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to meet make old things into pretty new things, drink lots of coffee, organize everything, and play guitar as much as possible! When I’m not working, I’m decorating our new apartment, singing like there’s no tomorrow and trying to iron out my complicated love-hate relationship with running. I wish I was a great cook, but I’m just not interested enough to grow in it and thankfully my husband loves me anyway! This year I’ve rediscovered my love for reading – so I’ve spent a lot of time checking titles off of my “to-read” list. (Find me on GoodReads here!) I’ve recently tapped into the art of songwriting and have spent many hours writing my own songs. I also like to laugh hysterically at funny animal videos with Jacob when we are up past our bedtimes.

When did you become a Christian?

I was fortunate to grow up with parents who already loved Christ when I came into the world. I realize not everyone has that blessing – so I want to acknowledge that up front. But while going to church as a youngster doesn’t automatically mean accepting Christ, there’s more to the story. I got baptized in middle school and had an amazing group of friends who were hungry to discover more about Jesus with me. We had a passion for reading Scripture and encouraging each other with it. But it wasn’t until early in high school that I think the gospel started to mean something really great to me. I participated in the YoungLife program at my high school with friends, and that is where things started to connect for me. There were older girls at school who chose to invest in me and my friends. They showed us so much about what Christian friendship looks like – they lived out the gospel in the ways they loved each other and the people around them. I attribute a lot of my faith growth in high school to the ways God used those ladies in my life. And it’s why I’m passionate about loving younger girls the same way! God moves through community – that’s how he got my attention – and I want to continue that cycle. 


What do you do for work?

Photo by Latimer Studios

This is a really exciting question for me to answer because I absolutely love my job. I came on staff at our church in February of 2015 as a Worship Arts Pastor at one of our campuses. That means I get to think about music, other creative elements, and ushering people into the presence of God each week as part of my job. I know, right?! I can hardly believe it, either. I’m incredibly grateful for my church seeing my giftings and calling me into them – it has been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! God has used this position to greatly stretch me, teach me more about him AND show me more about myself I hadn’t discovered yet. Jacob is also on staff at our church – he is the Student Pastor over all three campuses, and his job is the reason we moved to New Hampshire!

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